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Mykonos Yachting can transfer you to any destination you desire within the Cycladic group of islands or even beyond.
Choose the yacht of our fleet, that fits best your needs, and cruise the sea beyond Mykonos.

Customized Cruise

Do you want to have a cruising experience of a lifetime? Do you want to build and tailor-make your trip to your own exact specifications? We can help you plan your perfect, completely customized cruise. Our team of expert travel advisors are on hand to help you discuss and design your very own tailor-made dream trip, built especially to work for you.

Multiday Yacht Charter

Choose a luxury yacht charter and enjoy the Cycladic islands to the fullest. Cruise in the ultimate style and comfort. With the captain and the crew taking care of absolutely everything on board, your luxury charter is an unprecedented way to discover all the wonders that this region has to offer. Let our experienced team help you find the perfect yacht for your charter vacation. Based on the number of guests on board, your preferences and planned budget, we will find the best yacht charter options for you to choose from. Our team will then assist you with every step of the yacht booking and charter process.

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  • Plan your summer cruise and explore crystal clear blue seas

Platis Gialos
Mykonos island, 84600 Greece