Water Sports

“WaterAction” School was established in 1995 at Agrari beach. Here, at one of the most distinctive beaches of the island of Mykonos, thousands of people have lived the unique experience that offers the combination of action and fun into the water. If you feel like having fun or if you want to feel the adrenalin in your veins, you can choose from a variety of activities since we offer plenty of options!

It doesn’t matter if you have never done it before.

Our qualified, well trained, experienced and friendly team will show you all you need to know.

Certified instructions are given for beginners to pro, while you can choose from a full range of equipment. We maintain all of our gear on a regular basis so as to ensure that you have a quality experience. All you need to bring along is your swimwear and plenty of enthusiasm. However, there is one rule that needs to be respected at all times and that is the safety.

All the yachts of Mykonos Yachting are equipped with snorkeling gear, floating mats and fishing equipment.

Upon request we can arrange a jet ski for you to have on cruise and any other water toy that you may prefer. We may as well stop at Agrari beach where you can spend time enjoying the water action.

Jet Ski

Pick one of our many jet skis and taste the fun! Our specially trained and experienced coaches will teach you how to operate this craft and will inform you of the required safety procedures.


The flyboard intuitive use provides exceptional sensations from the first utilization. After few minutes, you can already move underwater like a dolphin or challenge the gravity like a superman!

Ski / Wakeboard / Barefoot

Our specialty for all ages and levels of competence. Learn by our professional instructors or simply do… your own thing!


Ride the sofa with your friends or family and share the fun. It is safe and suitable for all!


For extreme sport lovers. Stay on the rings (if you can), challenge your friends and live on the edge!

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