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Mykonos – Koufonissia – Schoinousa – Mykonos

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Starting from Platis Gialos, we head off towards Koufonissia.

Koufonissia attractions include their stunning natural scenery, mostly arid but astonishing, along with sightseeing sites like places of archaeological importance and, of course, marvelous exotic beaches.

Highlights of Koufonissia

Kato Koufonissi: Kato Koufonissi is uninhabited, as far as a permanent population is concerned. Visit the island so as to experience its beautiful vibrant beaches. Lie on the soft sand, swim in the turquoise water, forget your obligations and forget the artificial simulation of life in the cities, surrender to the embrace of the sun.

Pano Koufonissi: There is a population of 440 permanent inhabitants, mainly engaged in fishing and tourist activities, while farming and animal breeding serve mainly household needs. However, the island’s fishing fleet, considered in proportion to the size of its population, one of the largest in Greece and fresh fish and seafood delicacies are sure to tempt you.

Pori beach: It is considered by many to be the most beautiful one on the island. Sandy, located at the lip of a large cove, which ensures calm water most of the time. It is sheltered from southerly and westerly winds.

Keros Island: It is an important archaeological site. Excavations have brought to light finds of the Early Cycladic period 3200-2000 BC.A characteristic stone of the island is its white fine grain marble.

Glaronissi Island: The island is named after the seagulls (glaros) which nest there in their hundreds. Surrounded by aquamarine waters, dotted with small beaches and sea caves, it is ideal for those who seek isolation, relaxation and reflexion.

Our next destination will be Schoinousa Island, an island of 9.5 square kilometers area, it is recommended for a relaxing, laid-back holiday.

The serenity, the vast blue expanse of sea surrounding and the locals’ warm hospitality soothe body and soul so visitors can enjoy the land and its people.

After a day full of excitement and new experiences, we go back to where we started, at Platis Gialos Port.

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Platis Gialos
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