4 Days - 3 Nights

Mykonos – Serifos – Sifnos – Milos – Mykonos

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1st Day

Starting from Platis Gialos, we cruise towards Serifos, a place of natural beauty, nestled in the Aegean.  Due to the island’s unique morphology, Serifos beaches will compensate even the most fastidious visitor.  Proudly possessing 72 beaches, Serifos provides a wide variety for diversified tastes. Explore the well – hidden ones if retreat is what you seek, or visit the most accessible ones for relaxation.

Highlights of Serifos

Megalo Livadi: It is a nice beach with an impressive view of the old mines. There are tamarisks along the entire beach, providing a much needed shade. The view from the beach is amazing, since this is where the Headquarters of the old mines were located. There are remnants of the old ladders, the entrance in the mines, rusty wagons and all sorts of equipment.

Agios Sostis:  Agios Sostis is a popular secluded paradise, contradicted as it may sound. Do not miss the opportunity to swim into the crystal clear waters.

Vagia Beach:  Vagia Beach is an amazing beach. It was included in the NATURA 2000, as a protected area. It’s a long, sandy beach with colorful pebbles and oddly enough fresh water was found in its subsoil. The waters are of deep emerald color and the steep cliffs around form a protected aquatic heaven!

And when the sun is about to dive in the horizon, it is the time when we will be approaching at the idyllic port of Livadi to spend the night. You will somehow get the feeling that this has a different atmosphere. Sweet, yet wild. Simple, yet so complex. Serifos has everything you never thought you’d find in such a small island.

2nd Day

The coming day we will start cruising towards Sifnos, a scenic Greek Island, ready to seduce you with its unique gastronomy and distinct character. Sifnos is one of the most upscale, elegant, charming, yet low profile islands of the Aegean. The architecture is traditional, yet with a local touch, the cuisine is distinctive and absolutely delicious, the people are friendly, yet aristocratic, and the landscape just breathtaking. Sifnos is definitely unique and you won’t know until you go!

Numerous beaches in Sifnos are waiting to be explored. The Island is made up of long sandy beaches and small scenic coves, offering a variety of alternatives for those wishing to spend the day by the Aegean Sea.

Highlights of Sifnos

Vathy Beach: Vathy is a beautiful naturally protected cove, with emerald, swallow waters. It is a very upscale beach, since the village itself hosts the biggest luxury hotel of the island that has been chosen by many politicians and celebrities. The beach is long, sandy, with shallow waters. There are also taverns with excellent food. The cove of Vathy is also very popular among the sailing aficionados, since it’s naturally protected.

Platis Gialos Beach: It is actually one of the longest sandy beaches of Cyclades. The beach has been awarded with EU’s Blue Flag and it’s very well organized

Faros Beach: The seaside village of Faros combines history, amazing view and 3 beautiful consecutive sandy beaches (Faros, Fasolou and Glyfos). Picturesque churches, mines, an old lighthouse and ancient monuments. This place actually has everything! Enjoy!

At sunset time we will be approaching the Port of Sifnos. The small, naturally protected port is surrounded by steep, wildly beautiful mountains. The white houses are scattered on the hills, divine scents come from the picturesque taverns and the long, crystal clear, sandy beach seems so inviting on this hot summer afternoon. This is definitely Cyclades!

3rd Day

Our next destination is the island of Milos, a favorable holiday destination for discerning travelers seeking a truly inimitable and authentic island experience. The stunning island of Milos is also known as the island of colors due to its volcanic origin, providing magical landscapes painted in mystical colors, amazing rock formations and striking water nuances. It is an island blessed with spectacular natural beauty, rich historical legacy and culture and some of the most gorgeous and unique beaches in the insular complex of the Cyclades.

Highlights of Milos

Paleochori Beach: As the cyan waters gently lap the golden shore and the splendidly colored cliffs overhang the beach, the striking landscape composes a colorful natural canvas. The stunningly beautiful beach of Paleochori is considered to be one of the most popular beaches of Milos. It is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and a variety of water sports.

Kleftiko Beach: Embraced by the striking landscape of imposing rock formations, this utterly unspoiled and secluded beach is a hidden treasure of the Aegean waiting to be discovered. The untouched natural beauty and the emerald waters swashing into the sea caves create a magical setting for sunning, swimming and scuba diving. Visitors will encounter some exceptional geological phenomena which make this amazing beach one of the most photographed spots in all of the Aegean.

Sarakiniko Beach: Resembling a magical moonscape this bone white rocky beach stands proud against the sapphire waters of the sea. It is considered one of the best beaches on the island of Milos as well as one of the most photographed beaches in the entire Aegean Sea. Formed by volcanic rocks filled with natural bubbled shaped hollows this unique beach nestled amidst the dramatic scenery is completely unorganized and it is ideal for topless sunbathing and snorkeling adventures near the sunken shipwreck.

At sunset time and after a day full of new experiences, we will settle at Milos Port.

4th Day

On our last on board, we will have the chance to take a swim at one of the beaches of Milos island and our trip will end up when reaching back at the island of Mykonos and Platis Gialos Port.

Embarkation Point: Platis Gialos Port / Welcoming on board at 10:00 hrs.

Disembarkation Point: Platis Gialos Port / Farewell at 20:00 hrs.

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